October 6th, 2005

  • cfoxrun

(no subject)

Hello, i looked though the memories and was unable to find anything relating directly to this topic.

I've been considering getting a cup for a while, but one thing keeps stopping me. I live in a dorm at college, and I don't know how exactly to go about cleaning it. We have communal bathrooms, and i'm a shy person. The idea of washing out a used cup in a communal sink is not something I look forward to.

Do other people here live in dorms as well? How do you handle cleaning if you don't have a private bathroom?
Fairy Green
  • kuwdora

Weird Diva leakage

Hi ladies. Looking in the memories I found a person with the exact same problem as me, except with the keeper. But I'm still confused. The Keeper and the DivaCup aren't enormously different, are they? So maybe I should just follow what was said in the comments.

Its my second cycle. I'm 19, virgin. No leakage during the day. I'll empty it before I go to bed, but when I wake up, I'll crawl out of bed and I'll feel a bubbly sensation and a few drops land in my undies. I've been wearing a pad at night, just in case (cause I flail about when I sleep) so there wasn't any real mess, but I thought there were suppose to be no leakages that occur.

Is it possible that my cup can shift position when I sleep at night? I'll remove it and it'll be half full and all bloody on the outside from the leakage.

I'm so confused. I'm in love with my cup. I've mastered insertion and removal already and I feel immense pride at the fact that it's enviromentally sound and I don't have to mess with getting out another tampon or pad and throwing the other ones away. I'm lovin' my blood more than before. But leakage!

It makes me sad. Help?