October 5th, 2005

  • nessy82

leaking and masturbation?

On Saturday i left my cup in since around 10am that day. When i woke up Sunday morning i went into the kitchen to do my thing but i could feel some dripping down my leg so i went to the bathroom and my divacup was leaking. As i had had it in for 24hrs (eek i know) and had no leaking prior to waking, when i emptied it was only half full, ive been using it since feb without a single leak/problem...could this be related to masturbating before i went to bed? I usually empty the cup when im finished and go to sleep but this time i didnt. Could it be my cervix shifting or something? The cup felt like it was in the same place as usual...has anyone else had this happen?

first time

This is my first period and actually my first day with the Diva cup. I like it alot more than i expected to initally, but i do have a few questions.
1) I live in a college dorm and I managed to put it in while i was in the shower just fine, but when it came time to remove it i was really uncomfortable in the bathroom stall trying to remove it (which was slightly painful but i hear/read it gets better) so i went to my room which was thankfully empty and took it out there..but then i was faced with the quandry of taking it down the hall to the bathroom again. Does any one have any suggestions for either ways to comfortably remove the cup in bathroom stalls or suggestions for other ways i could handle this, like don't empty it but just wipe it until the end of the day, or something.
2)is there any way to know how often you should take it out, or is it more or less a trial and error thing?
Beech leaves

Mooncups come to Edinburgh

For anyone in the Edinburgh area who was interested in menstrual cups, they are now on sale in the shop-formerly-known-as-Nature's-Gate, now Vitalis, on South Clerk Street. I left them a leaflet ages ago, I wonder if that's why? The other good news is that Mooncup have finally improved their ghastly packaging and leaflet and now have a far more professional design featuring a pretty white flower. It's also interesting to note that they've started advising all women over the age of 30 to use the larger size, as Divacup do.

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