October 2nd, 2005

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grabbing the base: easy or no?

So, first day using the cup while I actually have my period! Yay! Aaaaaand I'm still having issues, but that's okay, because I have you guys. (I would never even have ATTEMPTED using the cup without this community. Which is good, because I wouldn't have known about the cup without this community either. Aha ... ha.)

Insertion itself was pretty easy, but positioning the actual thing went a bit pearshaped. (Or ... bell shaped. I AM ON FIRE TONIGHT LADIES AND GENTLEMEN(?).) The stem, which I already snipped a bit, kept rubbing up against the only still-sensitive part of my hymen, and despite about five or ten minutes of fiddling, the cup didn't seem to want to move any higher. (Due to some exploration post-removal (which, by the way, was easier than last time THANK GOD), I'm pretty sure this was my cervix, but I didn't know they were THAT soft. It felt just like regular muscle, but with slightly less give and, obviously, lots more "Hi I'm just going to obstruct anything coming into to contact with me plzkthnx" attitude.) Then it popped open and freaked me out (I thought something exploded in there or something until I removed it and was all, "...Ohhhhhhhhhhhh." I win at abdominal anatomy!), so I removed it.

My question/dilemma is: Although removing it was quicker and easier than last time, I still had to pull on the stem a little to get the cup far down enough to grab (which, might I add, was oddly fun. "NOT GETTING AWAY FROM ME NOW, ARE WE? HA HA HA!" I'm a loser) and I'm not sure I'll be able to get it out if I cut it anymore -- but if I leave it like it is, it will most likely be uncomfortable. I'm sure this is a common problem, but ... augh. Should I just keep inserting and removing it until I learn how to remove it by just grabbing the base -- if this is even possible for me? IS it possible for most women? It's not that I have a long canal, because I could easily reach and hook around my cervix with my index finger tonight (at least, y'know, I'm 99% certain I could). It's just getting my finger and thumb BOTH past my hymen and around the base of the cup to pinch/grab it that seems like it would be tricky. Thoughts? Opinions? Experiences? Anything? :)
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I'm on my third cycle with the DivaCup now and I love it more than anything. I've only had ONE problem.

I cut the stem off all the way because it rode really low and was poking and irritating me, but I'm still having some problems with irritation. The first two cycles it was bearable, but I guess my vagina is touchier this month. I think the reason is that when I cut the stem, I cut it jaggedly, so it rubs a bit.

Has anybody else had a problem with this? Does anybody have an idea to smooth it out? Cutting it more didn't really get it smoother - sandpaper maybe?
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