September 29th, 2005

Death II
  • scien


I've seen these cap things around at festivals (along with funnels that allow women to pee like a man and all that sort of thing) but always dismissed them before.

Then I found this place via a link in sextips, and from looking around here they're beginning to seem like a really good option. However, I'm still not entirely convinced, so... advice would be great.

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Sooo. I want to know - does anyone here have experience with them and very heavy days? honestly, I would pay large amounts of money to never stain my clothes again.

Also... which type? I took a look at all their websites. I like the idea of the non-disposable ones better - the money isn't an issue, I spend so damn much on sanitary towels that I'd make it up in no time at all. I would probably use up a lot of disposable cups, so I may as well have something permanent, no?

So, most important is whether they can cope with a heavy flow (I assume I just empty them more often, but will I be able to leave them in for a reasonable amount of time, ie, longer than a sanitary towel?)
Secondly, sanitising them. I share a kitchen at university with a lot of random people who would probably not appreciate my boiling this kind of thing in there. Would it be possible to do it in a kettle in my room? are there any other ways of sanitising them?
Any other factors to recommend one type over another?