September 28th, 2005


Ladies, I have a problem. I asked my mother to buy me a menstrual cup and she dismissed them as gross.Then,she told me that I was too young for one(I'm 17). I have applied for 5+ jobs and no one has called me back(So, I am unable to buy a menstrual cup). I have shown my mom that the diva cup has been approved by the FDA and yet she still says she'll look into it more. So far, she hasn't. And I'm wondering what else should I tell her to convince her to buy me a diva cup?

First cup day!

   Let me just spare you all a little confusion by saying that this is my first cycle day using something besides a tampon or pad.

    That said... OMG! I'm so happy I could cry! *skips around* I've just used an Instead for the first day, and if the reuseables truly are even MORE comfortable than these like you say, then I am definately going to buy one! I tried these first to see if the idea appealed to me, and let me tell you it has! No more pad chafing during the blistering California heat! No peeing on the horrible, itchy tampon strings! I'm free! I'm free I'm free I'm free I'm freeee yay!!!!!

    I gave it a trial run.. if 4 hours of marching band rehearsal in 100 degree weather isn't a test, I don't know what is. I simply can't believe how comfortable this is. Oh lord. I think I'm done now.. thanks for letting me celebrate ^^
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Hm.. A little concerned.

Hi all! I'd heard a lot about menstrual cups and decided to try one out, so I bought a DivaCup last week.

I've been practising with it before my period starts but have been having problems. I've noticed that when I'm able to get it in (it's hard - the biggest thing I'd ever had in there before was a tampon), I'm not sure if it's open completely. It seems to suction in but I can feel that a side of it is sort of pushed in. Is this normal, or does it need to be completely unsquished? Also, I was a little concerned earlier. I decided to put it in and see what it was like to have some..self-fun, with it, and when I was done I noticed I was bleeding quite a bit, and the divacup was sucked a bit further in. Should I be worried about that? I checked the memories and didn't see anything that mentioned if it was..

I really hope I can get this to work out, I worry about the chemicals in tampons and even panty liners give me a rash. =\