September 26th, 2005

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First time...

OK...I've looked through the memories and didn't find answers to my questions.

I have been using cloth menstrual pads for more than a year now, and love them, compared to paper pads. Once I started cloth diapering my son, it seemed only natural that I turn to reusable products for myself, so I bought my first stash of cloth pads. However, most pads are bulky, and there are just some clothes and activities that don't allow me to wear a bulky pad. So last week, I decided to buy a Diva Cup.

Let me preface all this by saying that I have never really been able to just reach inside myself and feel around in there. I was never able to use OB tampons, for instance, or check my cervical position when I was trying to conceive. It's like I just clamp up whenever I try, and it hurts, or whatever. Despite that, I figured that I'm a big girl and I can just figure it out.

So I got my Diva Cup in the mail on Saturday and my period started this morning. I'm currently wearing it, and I know that it opened up, because I actually heard it open, but I cannot manage, for the life of me, to find my way past the stem to the base to try to rotate it. I can't *feel* the cup, but I am aware of it, does that make sense? It's almost like I have a constant low-level need to go to the bathroom. And when I bear down to pee, I can feel the cup being pushed out (and it hurts a bit, at that). Does this mean I don't have it inserted far enough? I am not sure how to get it further up than it is, because once it opens itself up, I can't seem to move it any further up in my vagina. I can feel the stem of the Cup just by touching my finger just ever so slightly inside my vaginal opening.

Oh...and when I went to the bathroom a bit ago, there was leakage on the toilet paper, so I assumed I had it in wrong. I took it out and reinserted it, but I can tell that the positioning isn't subtantially different than before.

Please tell me I'll get the hang of this. I would sooo love to ditch my cloth pads while I'm at work. Not have to take anything into the restroom with me, or cart home dirties.

Cup half emtpy, or half full?

Well, I seem to have figured it out. I got the cup into a somewhat round shape last night. There is still a tiny dip in the top of it. I only leaked a drop or two over 4 hours. YAY. Then today I wore it for about 6 hours w/ a drop or 2 of leakage. I managed to fill it halfway up in those 6 hours. Has anyone noticed that your blood looks really liquidy and insignificant in the cup, but if you dump it in the toilet it looks like a ton of thick red clots? EW.

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My period is due to start tomorrow and it is NOWHERE IN SIGHT

And I obviously have no tampons, nor have I used them for over a year.

I have just now realized my reliance on the Diva Cup.

OH sweet Jesus let me find it soon.