September 24th, 2005

leaking and suction

Hi all. I have just started using my diva cup yesterday on my first period day. I had a little leakage this morning when I got up but then I am usually really heavy in the morning and given it was my first time not too worried about it. I have emptied twice since then and have leaked a little throughout the day. Only a little but enough that I have to wear a pad as well. Something I was hoping to avoid.

I think I am getting it in ok but I am unsure about the suction thing. I pull down on the stem and it seems fairly hard to pull out but I can pull it basically all the way out with no problems. From what I have read I wouldn't have thought I would have been able to do that?

I have had 3 kids naturally so I know I have the right size. I know it is early days for me but the idea of wearing it with no leakage problems and forgetting it really appeals to me and at the moment that isn't happening.