September 21st, 2005

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So, as I mentioned a little while ago, I went for a dry run with my Mooncup today. (Actually, I sort of did one a couple days ago, but I didn't get a seal and it wasn't in properly so I'm not counting that as an official try, heh.)

Generally it went okay; insertion was relatively easy and I'm sure it will get even easier as time goes on. Removal, however, was a bit of a problem. I have a high pain tolerance, so pushing/pulling it past (what's left of) my hymen was painful but bearably so -- it was the actual getting it far down enough to grab and pinch it part that I had issues with. I was squatting and bearing down so hard I was afraid my eyeballs would explode for at least 40 minutes before I could even reach the stem (which I had shortened slightly after the first dry run), and even then it was incredibly slippery -- I had to use toilet paper to hold onto it, heh.

So, my question is: since my cervix is high up because of ovulation, and the cup was pretty dry on the outside when I finally removed it, will it probably be easier to remove when I have my period due to the low position of the cervix and the extra lubrication? Logically it sounds right, but I just wanted to make sure. :)
Dark Lady

Educating others

If you haven't already, I wanted to say that I would really advocate posting even just a small thing with some basics on the cup and links to info on your journal.

I just did a pretty long post about alternatives in general, hoping to semi-educate my friends. I figured if I converted one friend to an alternative method it be worth the time. And one person has already decided to try cloth pads. :)


If you want to see what I did here is the link to it: