September 20th, 2005

Trouble with my Divacup

I've just entered my 4th cycle of trying to use the divacup. I love the idea, and I'm plenty comfortable with inserting and removing it, but I am still getting leaks. It opens all the way, I know my cervix is not around the outside of it, and I've tried all kinds of suggestions I've seen here for getting it to stop leaking but nothing helps.

During the first day or so before I really start flowing the cup seems to work fine. Then I hit day 2 or 3 and my flow really gets going and it all goes downhill from there. I bleed pretty heavily (this morning I had 1/2 an ounce in the cup in 3.5 hours not couting what had gone onto my pad) but the cup is leaking long before it gets full. I have a very shallow vaginal canal, and I'm thinking this may be causing my problem. I can always reach my cervix easily with my fingers and for me the only way to have the cup all the way inside me is for it to be sitting pretty high with my cervix resting inside it. Does it have to sit this way for anyone else? I'm considering getting the larger size one to see if that will help me at all, as I really don't want to give up, but I'm starting to think the cup just isnt going to work for me. I've heard that the keeper is slightly shorter, would this possibly help me get a better position?

I've already cut the stem all the way off my divacup as it just would not fit inside of me without it gone. Right now I've had to go back to tampons to get a break from the leaking, but I'm going to try again later tonight. Any suggestions or experiences with this problem would really be appreciated. I've looked through the memories but could not find anything that directly addressed my situation.

New to cups

   I've been interested in the idea of cups for awhile now, but didn't have the money to put down for a reuseable. I bought my first box of Insteads, and I must say I'm tickled to death to be leaving that horrible box of Tampaxes to rot! (Is it just me, or do they get more poorly made as time passes?)

   Being a virgin, at first I was terrified by Insteads girth, until I discovered how thinly it squeezes together. Did a dry run and everything's fine, removal wasn't as horrible as I thought it would be. I've yet to do a real trial. My question is this: How does the ease of insertion/removal vary between the Diva/Keeper and Instead? Are they much bigger to insert and remove? Thanks!