September 17th, 2005



I've been using a DivaCup for months now with no problems, but tonight when I removed my Diva a FOUL odor immediately reached me. After doing my usual rinse, the odor still lingers. It is horrendous! This has never happened before. I left my Diva in longer than I usually do (almost 24 hours), but even that's accidentally happened before without this result. What can I do? In a bit of a frenzy I tried to wash it in baking soda and vinegar and then, out of desperation, some soap that turned out to be antibacterial! Eek! I live in a dorm without a stove...really, what are my options?

Thanks in advance.


Fuck Absorbency

The college I go to has a fine arts themed house that throws most of the big parties on campus. Every party has a theme (ie The Prohabition, Favorite High School Stereotype) and this party's theme was "Absorbency". People came as flower beds, holy wafers, towels, sponges, and all donated a box of something like tampons or pads for the women of Katrina.

I came with the words "Fuck Absorbency... Use the Divacup" on my front and the Divacup website on my back.
The people who knew what the diva cup was gave high fives and those that didn't got a (somewhat drunken) explination.

It was great, I just thought I would share. :-)

Calling all experienced DIVAS

Ok.. I got my cup this week. I am expecting my period any time now, as I just watched some season finales on the DVR and burst into tearful sobbing fits. I tried to insert as I did the day it arrived, but this time I lubed ME up first. It goes in real easy, almost like it has a favorite spot in there.. but once it's in.. I cannot turn it at all. How do i ensure that it's got proper suction? I'm hoping to speed things along so I can get my heaviest days over w/ during the weekend. A leak sucks, but a leak while at work would suck more. ALSO.. I think if i trimmed the stem the cup would be really hard to reach. It's hard enough when it's slippery!! any help?

Hi! It's a new member!

Hello all! I'm new to the idea of using a menstrual cup. I actually just learned about them a few days ago! They sound fabulous though. But I have a question that will determine if I buy one or not, and I haven't seen it addressed in any other posts.

How big is diva cup (in inches)? Because I have a very shallow vagina, and haven't been able to use tampons...but I've heard diva cups are worn lower, which is great. And, how far up must they be insterted, again I'm looking for an actual measurement. It would be really helpful if someone could go measure their cup for me!
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