September 15th, 2005


Not worth it??

I've only been using my SoftCups since Saturday, and they are the most wonderful things ever!!!  I followed some of your advice that they may not be in the right place (since I could feel them) so I moved it around a lot and found that I had to push up a little more the pop it behind my pubic bone... now life is good....... VERY good :)

But I've noticed something that's bugging me.

I'm supposed to wear the Cups for only 12 hours at a time and then empty them.  But when I take them out after 12 hrs there is hardly ANY blood in them.  I mean, like NOTHING.  Only a few drops.  This happens every time, so I feel like taking them out and tossing them after 12 hrs is a waste.  Do you think it would be bad for my health or anything if I were to try wearing just one for the whole day?  I will be using these for a few months until I buy my Diva, but I love these and would like to keep the two boxes that I already have.  Do you think it would cause any problems to leave them in for 24 hrs at a time??

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Where are these insertion diagrams?

Sorry for posting so much everyone, I'm new to this and have so much to learn.  I've searched through all of the Memories, and so far have found that there are different methods of folding your cup for insertion such as the 7 method.  I've only seen pictures of folding the cup in half once, and this seven method.  Are there other methods?  I know everyone will make their own methods, but there seem to be names and such, so how many are there???  I have a hard time understanding instructions, but is there somewhere I can see pics??



Cramps, cups, and tampons

So, I've heard a lot of you talking about how using the cup lessened your cramps, and I have to admit that I was skeptical. Most of my cramps are before my period starts.

I've had my keeper for about 4? months now (lost track, might be five). For the first month, I used the keeper most of the time, with a few tampons mixed in. The second month, I used tampons, because I'd recently gotten an IUD, which increased my flow a lot, and I wanted to be able to compare to something I knew more about to see what my new flow was like. Since then I've been using the keeper exclusively.

This month I was having some trouble getting it inserted without leaks, so I switched to tampons overnight. Let me tell you - the moment I inserted the tampon, my vagina started to hurt. The pain went away after a few minutes, but I was aware of the tampon the whole time it was in, in a way I was never aware of tampons before. It was a relief in the morning to switch back to the keeper.

I was already a convert to my cup, but now I've seen the light and am a true believer. Wow. What a difference.