September 12th, 2005

very sore vagina

I looked at the last 50 entries, so hopefully this won't be a repeat.


This is my second month using the diva cup. Last month, no problems at all. This month my period lasted MUCH longer than usual (like 10 days), finally ended yesterday and now I am SORE. Sort of a swollen hot/burning sore, slightly itchy.

This is definitly NOT a yeast infection. I've had those in the past and I don't have any yeasty discharge.

So, why am I hurting so much?

I am hoping it's just irratated from taking a cup in and out for 10 days.

But I am afraid that I have some other sort of infection, maybe from leaving the cup in overnight or maybe I shouldn't use it so many days in a row... ??

Hi community...

Hi everyone!  I finally got up the nerve to buy my first packet of Insteads.  I would like to work my way up to The Keeper, or another permenant cup, but for now I'm trying these to see if I like the idea.

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So far I love my cup, but there are two things that I'm not sure are normal:

  1. When I'm laying down to sleep for the night, I can feel pressure where the cup is.  It's slightly uncomfortable, and if I arch my back wrong it's painful.
  2. When I have to pee, I can feel the harder rim of the Soft Cup.

Does this mean that the cups don't fit me right?  They work fine for me either than these two moments, and they are gloriously wonderful during the day! 


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Hi I'm new here, no time for introductions because I can't get my cup out!! It's m first day with the DivaCup and I loved it up till now. I CAN'T GET IT OUT I checked the memories and I still can't! PLEASE HELP!

EDIT: i got it out!!!! I got a finger up there and pulled the top down so there was no more suction!! =)

buying Insteads?

Hi everyone, this is my first post in a community! :)

I bought 3 boxes of Insteads from the US a few months back (I live in the UK) - they did have a European supplier but you got much less for the same money so I just ordered it directly from the US site.

But I was just browsing it today, and noticed there is now a UK site that you can buy from, but I think it is still less good value. I can't actually remember how much I paid for them from the US now!

I had a look on the US site to check how much it was there, but they don't seem to be doing them from their website anymore, only through links.

My question was - have they stopped doing them directly now? And can anyone tell me what the US price was? I think it was a box of 3 boxes that I ordered last time.

Also - can you get them in Australia (mail order from US/UK or locally)?? Am hoping to move there in about a year.