September 11th, 2005

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A question for those who ordered Diva cup and live in USA-

Did your credit card charge you 5 something more dollars for currency exchange, or did my credit card make a mistake? I use American Express...
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Hydrogen Peroxide

I don't have the initial set of instructions that came with my cup nine months ago.

I'm pretty sure, though, that it said not to clean the cup with hydrogen peroxide.

Can anyone here verify this? And if you're not supposed to use hydrogen peroxide, why not? I didn't think hydrogen peroxide was harmful to silicone.
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best quote ever

Occasionally when I'm in the throes of preaching about the Divacup to someone via internet, I reread the website, especially the testimonials. Tonight I saw the best quote yet:

"The Divacup is like going from dialup to broadband."
- anonymous, via email

If YOU perchance wrote this testimonial, bravo.