September 10th, 2005

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So I plan on going for a dry run with my new Mooncup in the next few days, and because I'm dorky, I made a list of things I should do and thought I'd run it by you guys to make sure I haven't missed anything. :)

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P.S. How likely is it that I'll spot after my first try? I don't really mind, since, y'know, I can use the cup, but I was just wondering how many of you spotted after a dry run.
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instead issues.

i've been using insteads for my last few periods, and the last two or three - i've noticed that they've become dislodged from behing my pubic bone and start to come out. i don't know WHY it's happening, i know i have it in right, at least i'm pretty sure i do. i can't feel it at all. . . until it decides it wants to come out.

maybe my vagina just doesn't like them anymore. has anyone else experienced this?

i've got a keeper, and i'm going to try using it again tomorrow. my first experience was pretty bad when it came time to remove it, but after this problem with insteads, i'm determined to use my keeper so i don't have to deal with this anymore. >:(

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