September 9th, 2005

black tears


I have been using Instead for a few months, on and off. I think I have finally gotten the hang of it. Although, I am experiencing some problems. While using the restroom, when I "push" the Instead cup comes out and the seal is broken. It leaks and there is now a mess. It's not really that big of a deal, I just push it back in, but I end up with stains on my underwear. I am really getting frustrated. Does anyone else have this happen? I know it's in correctly, because during normal use there are no leaks.

I just have to tough it out and finish this cycle. I have already ordered a Diva Cup-- can't wait for next month! But I still have a few days to deal with Instead. Any comments are greatly appreciated. TIA.
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Persistence is a Virtue

I would like to share my experience, in case someone else might be helped by it.

Before I had penetrative sex, I found it to be impossible to insert the DivaCup. I tried for months before eventually giving up. I had never been able to use tampons, either. I asked everyone I could think of, but no one seemed to be experiencing the same problems.

Having sex was also very painful for me. Even after the first few times, the pain continued. A few months after losing my virginity, I decided to try the DivaCup again. I still had problems getting it in. I spent hours in the shower trying to figure it out. I eventually got it part of the way in. I lost my grip, and it popped open. I don't think I've ever experienced such pain. It was just so unexpected!

After that experience, it took some time before I worked up enough courage to try again. At first, insertion was awkward and a little bit painful (probably because I was so tense). I did manage to get it in a few days ago. It was still uncomfortable. After looking through the memories on this site, I cut off the stem. This week has been amazing. There is no more pain. I'm still working out a few kinks, but I'm a convert.

The way I figure it, when it popped open unexpectedly, it must have torn what was left of my (unusually thick?) hymen. I can't say I'm sorry to see it go. I'm looking forward to my next opportunity for a little intimacy with my boyfriend. I'm sure we'll both benefit from my persistence in learning to use alternative menstrual products. *grins*

Three cheers for the DivaCup! It has improved my life in more ways than one!
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Is it still safe?

A couple of weeks ago, my cup ended up gettiing covered in white spirits (paint stripper), after the painter spilled a bottle of the stuff all over the bathroom. Since then I've been cleaning it every day to try and get the stuff- or at least the small of white spirits- off of it, but it isn't working.
So, I'm wondering, does this mean that my cup isn't safe to use anymore? Does it mean there is still white spirit on it, and I'm just not gettign the stuff off properly? If so, has anyone an idea how to?
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viva la diva

So I got my cup last month and I wasn't able to get it in--found this comm and thank the DivaGoddess for the 7 fold method. It was really uncomfortable so I only inserted it once for that cycle. I'm a virgin that never used tampons (cotton in my cooch? ew.)

Now I'm at school and I hate fumblin for my pads and crap. I'm alternating between my divacup and my pads. Last night I slept with my diva in and it was so awesome--noooo leakage! It was so cool! But everytime I try to pull it out I feel like I'm birthing the cup or something. Anyway. I couldn't get it back in so I used pads for the next day. What really was bothering me was the stem--so I chopped that off after reading the comm today.

Still afraid it'll ride up too high. Right now I got it in ok and there's a little bit of discomfort, which I can't figure out. I don'tw ant to fiddle with it too much otherwise I'll end up getting frustrated and yank it out and using my pads for the rest of the day.

So its on-again-off again with Diva with Henrietta (that's my vagina's name) until she gets use to Diva.

Though, with the recent poll on cleaning, I'm interested in what people say because I'm now at school and sharing a bathroom with 20 other girls. I don't know what kind of soap or whatever to use. The handsoap in the bathroom is scented- and I read somewhere in the memories that that's bad and stuff. But yeah, any suggestions on that are greatly appreciated.

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I've been using the DivaCup for two cycles now, and it's been pretty good in that I haven't had bad cramps or leakage. But I've run into some problems that have been keeping me from falling in love with it. Here they are:

1) Whenever I insert or remove my cup, some pubic hairs always end up in the way and get yanked, tugged, or twisted, which hurts and also adds up over my period to make the whole area a little sensitive.

2) The holes for releasing the suction are clogged almost every time I take the cup out. Are there other ways to make sure the suction is released?

3) Removal is difficult for me because I can't seem to fit the entire unfolded cup through the entrance of my vagina. Usually I kind of partially re-fold it while it is still inside, but this isn't always pleasant, especially when it causes the collected blood to get pushed into my vagina and then drip out. Does anyone have any unusual removal methods that could work?

4) This is probably just paranoia, but for a few hours after I put the cup in at the beginning of my period, I can feel it, and I'm concerned that it is taking up space needed by my other organs, especially my intestines. I also think it might be bruising the inside of my vagina.

Any help with any of these problems would be greatly appreciated. I really like a lot of things about the cup, so I hope I can solve some of these problems so I can appreciate it pain-free.

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Hi, I just have a few quick questions: I'm trying my Diva Cup for the first time today, and so far I'm enjoying using it (though to be honest, I was predisposed to love it). At first, I had some minor leakage, probably because I hadn't quite gotten the hang of it, but now I haven't had any leaks in about 5 hours, so I think I'm getting it.
My first question is this - how many of you regularly use a back-up panty liner with your cup? I would like to be able to eventually not use a panty liner, so I'm curious what other experienced users have to say.
Also, on a slightly different topic, I started getting chronic yeast infections almost a month after the first times I used tampons. Has anyone ever heard of/experienced tampons causing yeast infections?
Thanks a lot, this community is really great. Now I'm off to go convert every female at my college to menstrual cups!

Thanks to everyone who responded! I've really gotten the hang of my cup and right now I am using it without a pantyliner! Yay! My vulva feels so liberated.