September 7th, 2005

Day One

Well, today was my first 'real' day with my period (as in blood, rather than just a barely noticable trickle), and using the Diva Cup for menstrual blood. Put it in last night since my periods start on Tuesdays. Did start until that night at barely a trickle. Woke up this morning and emptied it at 1/4 oz. Popped it back in and engaged it, then went to school. Came home, went to my boyfriend's, and slept. Came home for dinner, and emptied it at just under 1/4 oz, stuck it back in, engaged it (gets easier every time), and went back about. Backing up my little Diva Cup is a set of home-made pads made of old pajamas. (There's an easy material idea for your DIY pad girls!) I was thinking about it today, when I realized i'll be disappointed when my period is over! I kinda wish I could bleed constantly. =P No leaks, no discomfort, no nothing. I forgot I was menstruating!

And i'd like to throw in a tidbit for the girls who worry about using a cup at college. Does your bathroom have a stall for wheelchair-bound individuals? Most restrooms I've been in with those have a stall with a toilet and sink. Try those!

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