September 6th, 2005

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I left my divacup on my bathroom counter to dry it out after I washed it, and today when I got it, there was a bunch of ants on it! What should I do to make it useable again? I've rinsed it some hot water, but should I use anything else on it?

Talking to Parents

I want to get and DivaCup and have money saved up from babysitting to pay for but am unsure about how to ask Mom. Does anyone have advice on how to bring up the sunject? I've never really discussed having periods with her. Just asked her if she could get me some tampons when she went grocery shopping. If anyone has suggestions that would be great.

No zealot like a convert?

I finally sent off for a mooncup a few weeks ago, after much deliberation (which this community helped with, thanks everyone!). I had quietly considered switching to a menstrual cup after a friend in Australia recommended it months ago. I was terribly undecided until someone with a lifestyle and working environment similar to my own was quick to sing its praises too.

So on my last period I tried it for the first time. I was so pleased to discover that it's very comfortable and I had no problems with leaks which were my main concern. The only negative for me was the impracticality - worried about it tipping over/splashing on removal, which wasn't as easy as I thought.

The other benefit, if you'll permit me, was the lack of soreness immediately before and after my period which made things a lot more fun for the gorgeous and wonderful ladyvivien and myself. She almost choked when I told her I'd ordered a mooncup as she thought it was much too "hippy" for me and my corporate ways. So it's been a pleasant surprise, and I think once I'm used to the mooncup I'll be 100% happy with it. Where has this been all my adult life?
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no stem!

i just wanted to note that i chopped the entire stem off my divacup today. previously it had only been half-chopped off. i did this because it was still poking me.
Anyway, i cant believe how much EASIER it is to insert and remove now that the stem is completely gone! Its like night and day!!!
i used to be afraid that i wouldnt be able to grasp it if i cut it all the way off, but i can actually grasp it BETTER now that its gone.
my advice, cut the whole damn thing off!
sorry, just had to rave about it :)