September 4th, 2005

lil' comrad

First Diva cup usage!

Yay! I have never been more happy about getting my period. I actually looked forward to it, just to try out my Diva cup! Oh man, it is so freaky awesome! I slept with it in last night and no leaks or waking up in the middle of the night bleeding my way to the bathroom. That sucked, before I would literally never sleep while bleeding. But now, I can sleep and not worry. I can hang out with my wonderful boyfriend and not run off to the bathroom and walk shyly back with a wad of yuck, looking for trash can. I ride a bike (don't own a car) to classes and work...So I don't have to stop and rush to a restroom on my way, and buy something to use it..gah. I am so excited about this you have no idea. I am such a tree hugger so the fact that I can keep my body safe and the Earth at the same time is like a freaking dream come true!

My only regret is that these are not used by every freaking women on the planet...that and that I only found out about it now when I could have used it years and years ago. Back when I would just stay home from school because I was too embarrassed to go becuase I had to skip the begining of a class and run to change myself as if I were wearing a diaper. Holy crap that was the worst feeling ever. No girl should have to feel ashamed by her body's changes. I am sure all of you know that and have figured that out by now. But, I have never been more proud of myself...I don't mean to sound silly because I am gushing here. It's just so amazing to not shove a scratchy, icky tampon up my girly parts.

Bottom line- Go Menstrual cups!