August 31st, 2005

  • akimova

New to the Diva Cup

Hello all,

I bought my Diva Cup yesterday (size 1, I'm 22), and while I think it's the greatest invention for periods, I am having difficulty with it.

Insertion is fine - but my problem is in removal. It sits in the right place and everything, but for removing it my problem is that it Really hurts. I pinch it, I twist it, I push down, I pull, but it doesn't come out easily. It seems to be for me that inserting is fine because it's folded in the "U" shape, but removal is painful because the rim area seems to be too big for me. I'm afraid that maybe it's caused some sort of small tearing, because (gross) when I take a leak, it burns if the urine hits the opening of my vagina.

Has anyone else had this problem or heard of it?

**EDIT** thanks soooooo much to everyone who gave their advice - I finally managed to remove it in a matter of a minute.
  • annchen

Consumer intelligence...

I use a site where consumers can rate all kinds of things to help others compare everything from different kinds of bread to restaurants. I noticed that they had menstrual cups listed but without the questions needed to rate them. I sent a mail and offered to help with the questions and gave some other suggestions. I was thrilled when they said yes and used some of my suggestions :D

It feels good to see that DivaCup is listed as the number one protection now :) They have a top three list and the cup instantly climbed to the top. The Diva has three ratings, but at the moment it's not possible to compare the cups since Keeper and mooncup aren't rated yet.

I just think it's great that the cup gets better ratings than... well... everything else. But we alredy know that, right?

The site (Swedish):
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French Diva

(no subject)

What's the cheapest place for ordering a Diva? I know the site and most online stores charge about the same, $30 give or take, but some colleges sell them for half that, and I was wondering if those schools had them available online. I've checked within a 50 mile radius of both my school and my home and the only stores that do sell them aren't any cheaper than the site.
  • 900168

Not filling the cup

Ok, so this is weird. I got my cup last period, and everything seemed to be going good this period. I can get it in and out just fine. I had no leaking the first day, and today I had some very light spotting. My problem is the cup comes out with a little bit of brownish liquid, and then the blood comes like rushing out a few seconds later. It really doesn;t make much sense to me. It feels normal, and it's not a big deal, as the cup is still keeping me from leaking and everything, but I'm confused. Anyone know what's going on?

EDIT: Hmm back to normal today... Who knows?
Blinking Owl
  • snowowl

(no subject)

If a local grocery store doesn't carry menstrual cups, is it worth it to bring by some pamphlets and talk to the general managers about maybe carrying it?

Or is it pretty much hopeless?

I already have a Divacup, but I'd like to do some good.
[L Word] alice floating

Amount of blood

Back when I was using tampons, I had to change them every three hours to prevent leakage. This was most likely due to a cervix that's way on the side and would only bleed on half the tampon, but whatever. Because of the frequent changings, I always thought I had a heavy flow.

Apparently not so. Measuring with the Diva cup the past two cycles, I'm only bleeding just over 1 ounce a cycle. I'm not on birth control or anything and never have been, so that wouldn't have anything to do with it. No sex, either, if that matters.

It's just weird because I always thought the normal range was 3-4 ounces. And that brings me to my question. I know it's bad to have a flow significantly more than this, but is it a problem to have one this much lighter as my natural amount?

Thanks in advance. :)
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