August 27th, 2005

nighttime leaks

I checked through the memories and there's only one entry about nighttime leaks with cups, and it didn't help much.

I'm using my cup for my second cycle now, and I don't ever get leaks during the day even if I leave it in for an extended period of time, but I leak every night. Actually, not while I'm laying down, but as soon as I sit up I hear a sound like a leaky, squelchy tire (I'm guessing this is the seal breaking) and then I have to stuff something between my legs and waddle to the bathroom otherwise it looks like I've just murdered someone in my bed. I know I'm putting the cup in exactly the same as I always do, and I turn it, pull to check for suction, and everything is all good.

The only thing I can figure out is that I'm just to fidgety in my sleep and I get into awkward positions. I mean, sometimes I sleep with one leg hiked up so far my knee is under my chin and the other one will be stretched out, I'll get twisted up into a pretzel and then sprawl out again, rinse, repeat. I guess all that moving might just jostle the cup about enough that it dislodges it. It's kinda frustrating though because I know people will use it when they're physically very active (sports, yoga, etc) so it shouldn't be leaking...but it is.

Any suggestions are welcome. In the meantime I'll just keep sleeping on a towel because there's no way in hell I'm putting a tampon in me. I'd rather make a mess.

(Oh and I'm still using my mooncup that my kitty chewed on. It's not as messed up as I thought. It won't last 10 years but I'm guessing I'm good for a few more months atleast. Woo!)