August 22nd, 2005

  • athene

day 1 with the cup

well, today is the first day of my period since getting my DivaCup.

I tried it out last night to find out when I pulled it out that I was in fact bleeding (i'm on the pill, so i know when my period is going to happen). I wore it all night and it was ok. The stem stuck out a bit, so I had to trim it just a bit this morning.

I can put it in and take it out ok, but i'm having trouble giving the cup it's full rotation. Is it really bad if I can't rotate the damn thing? I'm pretty tight in there so it's hard to really get my fingers around the base easily and without pinching myself.

Also, i'm a tad worried that I cut the stem too much. before it was sticking out just a tad and now it's inside the cannal just a tad. well, we'll see what happens with that, i guess.
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