August 17th, 2005

Naughty pussy ate my Mooncup.

My kitten, bless her little soul, just loves the smell of my cunt. Generally she is content to steal my dirty knickers out of the hamper and curl up with them in a corner and gnaw on them until she falls asleep. Although I'm really not pleased with that, it was still better than what she just did. She rummaged around on my desk and found my Mooncup and went to town on it :(

The upper rim is now split halfway through, and although there's no hole in it (yet) I'm afraid I may not be able to use it anymore. And I just bought it! I've used it ONCE! Goddammit! I'm sure the mooncup people would take it back if it was just defective but I doubt cat-gnawing is considered usual wear-and-tear. I'm probably going to have to spring for another one.

I'm bummed. This sucks. Bad kitty.