August 15th, 2005

lil' comrad

So tell me what you think of this......just thought I'd share.


I just wanted to share. I really don't know why...just bored I guess. I honestly don't know what to make of this....I guess ignore it. When my Diva comes, I'll just boil it or use vinegar like everyone else.

Edit, again...

I contacted the Diva Corp. (or whatever you want to call them) by email and asked them this;

I was wondering if you also made this product.
And if so, why can I not buy it online (on your site) along with a cup. And, What is the point? Couldn't I boil My Diva cup or use baking soda, vinegar or plain old soap and water?

I am a soon to be user of the Diva Cup and would be thankful to any answers.

They responded with;
We do sell the DivaWash as well. You can definitely buy from us. PLease give us a call and we can take your order by phone @ 1-866-444-3482.

So I think the lesson learned here is, they want our money. They think they are on to something...but little do they know that, we are mostly women who want to save a little money and the planet. Oh, when will they learn....
Perry the Platypus
  • druiaen

Well there's a surprise

I finally got myself a DivaCup for my birthday last week. I'm expecting my period next week as it's the placebo week of my pills, so I figured I'd best start practicing now. I tried a couple of times yesterday with little success and much frustration (and a little pain, before I figured I should cut my nails before the next attempt). Not to be beaten by a piece of silicone, I tried again today. Got it in on the second try with little problem. Hung around a while just to get the feel for it - or not, since I couldn't feel it at all. Great! Removing it was a real pain, though. I think I had it in just a little too far and it was extremely difficult to get it out. When I found the right position for me, standing rather than sitting, it wasn't too bad, but I think it was harder than it should have been. Anyway, I finally did get it out and, lo and behold, there was actually blood in it. Rather shocking, I admit, since I totally wasn't expecting that. But also very promising too - I had it in for like 15 minutes and so far it worked perfectly! I just kind of stared at it for a minute in disbelief and amazement. While I was taking it out I was thinking, "Ok, next time I put it in, not so far." Guess that next time is now!

I've been using Insteads for a couple of months and I really liked those. I think I'm gonna LOVE my DivaCup.