August 12th, 2005


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ok this may sound a little strange but...

i got a diva cup a few months ago, and i love love love it.

included with it was 3 pantiliners from glad rags. i haven't used them, dont need to use them, and i dont want to throw them away...

would anyone be interested in buying them? i will guarantee they are brand new and in perfect condition.
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water sports

I first heard about the cup while researching menstural art. The idea intrigued me and I later found this group. I haven't heard a single bad thing about it so I'm going to order one. But before I do I have a question about water sports. I live in the Bahamas so I am constantly snorkeling, diving, and boating. Have any of you had experience using it while in the water or doing physical activites in the water. Obviously, I couldn't wear a pad and I don't want to attract sharks with blood leaking!

Also, I tried the NUVA ring a month ago and had horrible problems. I got servere cramping not to mention a little mental illness! Do you get any kind of cramping from the cup?
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Instead cups

so Ive been using the Divacup for the past couple months and I like it, but i thought i would try Instead cups too.
they went in ok, but just barely. it seems like any sort of jolt, and im gonna lose it. like if i sneeze or something. it just barely got past the pubic bone. i couldnt even imagine sex with it, ouch. its practically in the way.
am i putting this in wrong? i tried a couple times to aim it as low as possible, but the same thing happens.
Ive also tried the Nuvaring but had similar problems.. it felt like i was almost too small in there. (I am a pretty tiny lady). The nuvaring always felt like it was on the verge of popping out, just like the Instead cup is now.
ugh. how disappointing.
my only complaint with the Divacup is that its such an ordeal to remove. but ive never had a leak.