August 10th, 2005


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As much as I despise having my period (none of that "I'm a woman! Hear me bleed!" crap for me), I'm so so grateful for ordering my DivaCup a few months back. I'll admit, I had my share of doubts about it, mostly about being able to "stuff" it up there, but it's all worked out well. In fact, I think the DivaCup totally saved my ass (or my vag, in this case) two months ago, while I was on a trip to Israel. We were staying in a huge tent in the desert for three days (and by "we," I mean a group of forty 18-26-year-olds), with minimal bathroom facilities, and hiking and camelback riding galore. Because I am the queen of The Worst Timing Ever, I got my period that morning, just as were setting out for the desert. Looking back, I can't imagine having to deal with pads on that trip. We only had tiny daypacks with us, and I was so glad not having to stuff mine with pads, that I stuffed it with candy instead. I was even able to rinse out my cup, even though our "bathroom" was more like a hole in the ground surrounded by bushes with a water pump next to it. Definitely an "extreme period" situation, and my DivaCup saved the day.
So now I'm wondering, have any of you ladies been in a situation where you absolutely LOVED your DivaCup?
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I Only Think I Have to Go

This was kind of touched on in a memory but not quite clearly enough for me (as they were kind of off-topic) and so I hope it's okay I write this new entry for this specifically.

I just got my cup and I wanted to try it out. So I put it in with no problem and once it was in, I felt like I had to pee but I know I don't have really have to pee. Whenever I get fingered I usually get this feeling and it's really uncomfortable. Will this clear itself up as in my body will get used to it and the cup will stop causing this problem? I really hope so because I had a lot of doubts about the cup being comfy and easy to get in and now that those are cleared up--I never even considered what's actually bothering me.
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Need Divacup help

Hey. I need some help. I've had a diva cup for a month and a half now and I'm still having major problems getting it in. I've gone through the memories, tried those tips, but they didn't work. Basically my problem is that my vagina seems to disappear every time I try to get the cup in. I put the cup against where it should be and push towards my tailbone. There's a burning sensation and the best of times, it seems like I got half the cup inside my vagina, but the rest is just suctioning my labia and such. Is there a way to pinch the rim of the cup together so it could get in?

I'm a virgin, but I don't think that it matters. If it does, I'm not at all attached to the idea of being a virgin, so if someone could give me detailed instructions on how to safely break my hymen, I'd appreciate it.

Thanks in advance. :)