August 9th, 2005

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*sigh* Just when I thought I was doing good. Yesterday was the very first time I used my Diva and everything went peachy keen. When I woke up today I discovered I had leaked. Luckily I was prepared and had also worn a pad to bed. But today I swore I got my Diva in right and I swear it popped open and has suction and everything, yet I'm still seeing spotting. Not an obnoxious amount or anything, but enough to where if it keeps up I wont be able to abandon the use of pads. :( Since I'm 98% positive I have it in right does anyone have any tips/trick/suggestions? I suppose it might be good to note that I'm a heavy bleeder. And I appologize if this is the 300th time you've seen thise question, but I have a serious chocolate craving and am too grumpy and impatient to go looking through old posts. So sorry!

Prices ?

Hi, I am new here and also new to menstrual cups (I've been using cloth pads for three years now). I already looked in the memories section for prices on the keeper and couldn't find anything. I'm a student living on my own with very little money (living on loans).

I was wondering if anyone knows of an online store I can purchase a keeper at for a really great price...(around $20-$25)? All I have seen is around $35-$40 so far.

Thank you so much in advance!

This community is amazing!!!!