August 8th, 2005

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talking about alternative menstrual products

I found out yesterday that my little cousin, who's 11, just got her period. I'm really close to her mom and dad and get along with my cousin really well, but she lives in Florida and I live in New Jersey, so I don't spend a lot of face time with her, only on the holidays.

I'd like to share information with my aunt about tampons and pads, how the marketing of tampons and pads try to make girls feel dirty and ashamed of their periods, and let her know there are reusable alternatives that she may not be aware of. I'd like for my cousin to have positive feelings about menstruation. Both my aunt and uncle are open to alternative ideas, are vegetarians and generally really cool people. They trust my judgment and wouldn't be offended by me expressing my opinions and talking about this stuff with them or their daughter.

I'd like to pass along some information about menstrual cups and resuable pads to my aunt that she can in turn share with my cousin. Any idea on how I can do this properly? I'd like to give her something that she can read, something that she can give to my cousin and have a discussion with her, but that won't turn into me giving her a lecture. Any ideas?

::Edited to clarify that the marketing of tampons/pads, not the products themselves, are geared towards making girls ashamed of their periods.::
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