August 4th, 2005


testing diva's limits

I'm going to an amusement park tomorrow and am a little worried about how my cup will hold up with all of the rides. I want to get on rollercoasters with crazy loops! :D
When I go upside down, will the gunk fall back towards my uterus and then just get collected in the cup again when I'm right side up? It's my first time with this thing and already I'm treating my period like an extreme sport.
Oh, and I'm also scared of having to empty it in a public restroom, since we'll probably be there all day. I was thinking of picking up something like
this to help make things less awkward when I do have to. Actually, looking at the site, it says external use only... so I won't be able to clean the cup with it. Curses. I guess I'll just have to use toilet paper then, unless you can recommend something? Eh.
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