August 3rd, 2005

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1st time use/internal soreness

I just got my Diva Cup today, and stuck it in so that I can be sure I do it right before my period next week. I used some KY just to be sure there was enough moisture. I know I didn't get it right at first because it didn't feel like it was right when I went to sit down normally. I figured I'd give it a few minutes to see if maybe I just wasn't used to it, but then when I went to the bathroom I kinda pushed it up a bit farther. It felt right then, so I figured I'd give it a little while of doing normal activity to see how it fits/feels. I feel like it's definately in place and the stem is not bothering me at all, but I do feel some internal soreness. Is this something that a lot of other menstrual cup users feel? I'm so super excited otherwise! I'm positive that after this next period is up I'll be giving my store of tampons and pads to someone else and telling them all about why I no longer need them!

edit: It was definately in properly. I just finished my test run. When I took it out I had to break the suction seal, and it had colected a fair amount of my natural goo.