July 31st, 2005


Smell of blood

Ok, I love the smell of my menstrual blood personally, the thing is it is causing me to get a little self-conscious right now.

I 'suffer' from menorrhagia, it has been getting worse the past few months as my body gets used to being off the pill, now I would normally empty my cup in the shower at the end of the day but recently I have had to empty my cup every few hours, which means public bathrooms - problem is I get blood on my hands from leaking, even though I of course clean my hands, and even use hand cream after, my hands still smell of blood, also if I have been leaking I can smell the blood on myself too. Also the other day I emptied my cup in my toilet at home and my mother commented on the smell even though I used a bathroom spray - in the shower it does not leave a smell.

I am guessing maybe some of you ladies have experienced similar problems, do any of you know anything that can neutralize the smell on my hands or in the bathroom when I have emptied my cup?
Beech leaves

Proposed poll (someone with a paid account...?)

Cramps poll, part II. I'll put both this and the previous one in the memories, both useful in different ways. Don't put this up yet, could people comment on it first? There's nothing like putting a poll up and then realising all the ways you should have changed it. I'm ignoring sponges for the first part since they're such a minority sport, and I'm assuming that the type of pad or external method makes no difference. The order reflects the order I think peple tend to follow (not that they necessarily try everything), i.e. tampons - pads - Insteads - reusable cups.

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leaking and placement ??

ok. So this is my 1st AF with my divacup. Today is the 3rd day of my cycle and i am leaking. Every 2 hours. When i empty the cup, I'm at 1/4 oz. The cup is inside me at a comfy place and i generally dont feel it. When i take the cup out, i hear the seal breaking, it's just that this every 2 hour thing is driving me NUTS! Is this one of those "newbie" things that i'm gonna get used to?