July 28th, 2005


Veganity of Keeper, cont.

A while back, I posted that I had been in touch with GladRags regarding the Keeper. It appears the Keeper folk have finally gotten back to the GladRags ladies. GladRags reply to me follows. :)

Hi again, Sonja-

Thanks again for originally writing to request information on the Keeper.
After a long delay, I¹m happy to report that we got word from the Keeper¹s
manufacturer that the Keeper is not cured with casein. This is certainly
good news for you and other concerned vegans!

And again, I¹d like to write my apologies for the run-ins you and other
women have had with rude and ill-informed Keeper employees. This
unfortunately is not the first time we¹ve heard of such stories. In the
ten+ years that we¹ve worked with them, we¹ve noticed and grown accustomed
to the idea that they want to remain an un-involved with the marketing and
retailing of the Keeper‹which again is unfortunate, because it¹s a product
that so many women obviously love. The Keeper relies on companies such as
GladRags to do the marketing and retailing, as well as the customer service,
for the Keeper‹so, while it took a while for us to get you an answer, I¹m
glad you approached us with your question. We¹re happy to be the
³middle-women² between the main Keeper company and the Keeper¹s customers.
And it might very well be our long relationship with the Keeper that allowed
us to finally get an answer from them, while you and the many other women
weren¹t able to.

The online backlash against the Keeper that you mentioned also troubles me,
because we at GladRags are dedicated to providing as thorough and careful
customer service for all the products we sell, in addition to promoting the
Keeper as a healthy, environmentally friendly option (I, too, like the idea
that my Keeper will eventually biodegrade!). If you have found our customer
service to be helpful and would consider putting in a word or two into these
online communities, we would of course gladly appreciate it.

I hope that helps, and again, thank you for bringing this matter to our
*woman's name* <-still overly protective of others' privacy :)


I'm going to college in a month, which means communal bathroom joy. (bah!) I'll only have 1 period before leaving (my first chance to use my divacup) and I'm scared that I won't able to use it at college. How am I supposed to keep it clean when I don't have any way of boiling it?? Am I going to be so inexperienced with it after only 1 use that I'll leak all over the place during class? Ahh!

Has anyone here used a cup at college? How'd it work out?
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I got my DivaCup today! It's the second day of my period, so my flow is still pretty heavy. I inserted it about half an hour ago; it took three attempts before I figured out what to do. It looked a lot smaller in person than it did in pictures, which was nice. That made it seem very unthreatening. I can't feel it at all, and I don't think I'll have to trim the stem. Now to wait and see if it leaks, proving I did not in fact insert it correctly...

Countdown to first time using Instead.

I wasn't really sure which product to try, I know some friends have the Moon cup, and they love it--but should I spend 30-40 plus dollars on something I'm not sure I'll like?
So, its a good couple of weeks before my Auntie Flo visits...and I thought I should join a community or "support group" for something like this.
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Diva warning

I just got my Divacup today, and reading the warnings in the information booklet just made me laugh:

"Do not flush down toilet."

Because I'm really going to pay 35 dollars for something I'm just going to flush like a tampon. LOL

A followup to my previous post... :)

Hi again, Sonja-

Ever since you brought the online menstrual alternative communities to my
attention, I¹ve looked them up and thoroughly devoured reading them. Thanks
for that, and for so quickly posting my reply to your email! I¹m glad it¹s
being received so well. One thing that I¹d wanted to mention in my previous
email but didn¹t make clear enough is that The Keeper is distributed to
many, many different companies who are responsible for marketing, selling
and representing it, so there are many companies that have taken on the name
³The Keeper² in order to do these things.

For example, the website www.thekeeper.com is a different company from
www.keeper.com (the latter is the manufacturer and initial distributor of
The Keeper, who we purchase it from), and www.the-keeper-cup.com is our
Keeper website. There are also a number of other small companies with
different names that sell The Keeper as part of their product line. I
mention all of this to illustrate that the customer service and the
marketing tactics that women observe will vary according to each Keeper
company, and that one company¹s irresponsibility shouldn¹t speak for the
quality of The Keeper nor for the other companies who believe in it and who
work hard to make sure that other women know as much as they can about all
of their menstrual alternatives.

I write this from my perspective as a three-year Keeper user (I used it
before I started working at GladRags) who got a rare opportunity to work for
a great company, and as a woman who works for a very small company that
really believes in what we do‹offering a different way to think about
menstruation and of ourselves as women. I considered posting this directly
to the forums that I¹ve been reading, but because you know the communities
much better than I do, you¹d be a better judge as to how appropriate it
might be. Mostly, I just wanted to put the energy out there that not all
Keeper companies are alike, and despite some negative Keeper messages out
there, The Keeper really is a great thing.

Thanks, Sonja, for being a great Keeper and menstrual-alternative advocate.
I¹m glad there are so many places online for girls and women to discover
that there¹s more available than just the status-quo.

All the best,
*same woman* :)