July 27th, 2005

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Mighty Vag

O.K., I just got my Diva cup so I rinsed it in water and did a trial insertion. It went in pretty well, but I had a bit of trouble getting it out. I tried after sitting around for awhile and the first thing I noticed was that I had to a bit of searching before I could find the stem. My mighty vag had swallowed it whole. I thought "No biggie, I'll squat down and push it out", so I did. That helped a lot, but my mighty vag was not letting go (I'm very narrow). Yes, I remembered to pinch it, it was pretty much pinched in half. I had to do some major yanking to get it out and I actually made myself bleed a little :-( Has anyone else had this much trouble? Are there any other ways I could try sitting to get it out?

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EDIT- walkingundine mentioned hearing a squelching noise when the seal is broken, I realized that I hadn't heard one. Then I remembered that when I turned the cup upside down and tried to get water to go through the little holes, no water came out. I checked and sure enough, two of the four holes diidn't go all the way through. Using the nifty little Diva pin, I poked through all the holes. I tried to remove it again, and it came out A LOT easier. If you're having trouble with your cup, even if it looks clean, grab a pin.