July 26th, 2005

Random questions concerning Divacup

Hi all. I could rave about how much I love it but you all agree so it'd just waste time and space. Also, I checked through the memories and didn't find anything directly relating to the following.

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I read this book earlier this month. I think it was published in '98 or so, but I still found it really informative. I totally recommend that you read it. (anyone have any other books on this topic that are good?)

Swore I had something else to say.. eh *shrug*. If I remember, I'll edit this...
Frill Daisy

Moon cup questions....

Nice to find this community - glad I could be here!

I have a question about the Mooncup.

I ceased to wear tampons a looooooong time ago b/c my cramps were much worse when using them - I have horrid cramping as it is and do not need to make it any worse.

Have any of you noticed increased cramping with the mooncup? Or decreased? Or about the same?

Thanks for any light you can shed for me.......