July 21st, 2005

Beech leaves

Note from a lazy moderator

As you may have gathered, I'm not a hugely active moderator here. I got hauled in for revamping the layout originally, and while I do keep meaning to put together a FAQ it's not happened yet. I don't read every post (menstrual cups are all very well but I don't find them endlessly thrilling), so the memories section isn't kept as up to date as it could be.

However, LJ have brought out an new invention called tags, which is opening up an exciting new era in the history of LJ communities. And unlike the Memories section, which is down half the time anyway, members can tag posts themselves instead of waiting for a mod to notice. So may I encourage people to put nice, sensible tags on their posts if they feel fit, and this will make searching around much easier. I'm going through some recent entries and tagging them in order to get some keywords up, so look at the pre-existing keywords first. If you end up making up keywords yourself (and don't do so unless they're really necessary, too many keywords will make searching awkward), make them short and reasonable, OK? Thanks guys.