July 20th, 2005


I'm using the divacup, 4th cycle and I am still having trouble. I can insert the cup the day that I am supposed to start my period, and it works GREAT. Then on every day after that I leak like crazy. The cup never seems to work like it does the first day. What I have noticed is that it seems like half of my blood is caught by the cup, and if I remove it when I notice the leak (mind you this isnt a tiny leak-this is a MAJOR leak) I see that one side of the cup is covered with blood, with some blood inside the cup. It seems as though it is the side that is facing front, or my pubic bone. The cup seems to only catch one half of my period, the other half escapes down the side of the cup. I only notice that it has begun leaking about 30 minutes after insertion when I have an absolute mess to clean up.

Also, on every day but the first day, the cup will go in great, and eventually droop down and ride low enough to irritate me, and put pressure on my bladder.

With all this said, my question is should I go with the bigger size? I'm 24, no children, and I consider myself rather small, so I can't imagine I might need a bigger size, but has going to a bigger size worked for anyone? Should I get more agressive and shove it in there harder and deeper? I know I have a seal, since when I removeit, there is a seal breaking noise.

Any ideas? Thanks.
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I wear the diva cup. I'm not majorly leaking, but spotting and I need to wear a pantyliner. The blood is dark brown like what I get at the end of my period, but the blood inside the cup is red, and it's my second day not the end of my cycle. I'm pretty sure I have a seal - the cup opens up and I feel around and tug at it to check as well. Is this common and does it mean I rally don't have a good seal, or is this blood that gets missed by the cup due to removal and insertion?