July 19th, 2005

  • meee31

how to 'pop' the cup

Hi ladies,

Great community you have here. Allayed a lot of my fears about cups. Thank you very much!

I got my divacup last week, and after trying everyday since, I finally got it in today, yay! It's amazing, I can't feel it at all. It almost feels like a disappearing magic trick... one moment I feel it then the next, I just don't. Wow! Can't wait for my period now. :)

But despite my glee, iI still have some concerns, I'm not sure that it popped... How do you know? I stuck my finger in there to try to see if it was still folded, but I can't really tell. It felt like a pretty flat oval, but i'm not sure if that's because my finger being up there was folding it. Or maybe my vagina is just too small for it to unfold completely? I really have no idea.

Also, in the memories, under pictures... the post about insertion diagrams, the picture is broken in the entry, but no one seems to be responding to the request to fix it. By any chance, does anyone still have it? Even though i managed to get it in already, I'm still curious to see it, to check if i did it right.

Thanks again ladies!! :)