July 11th, 2005

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Hi, all

My name is Jamie, and I'm new to the community. I'm hoping someone can hep me out. Sorry if this is a really common question, I checked skimmed through the memories a nd the first couple of pages, but i didn't read closely because my kids are both up. Anyhow, here's my question: I just recently got a Diva Cup, which I chose over the Keeper only because of my mild latex allergy. I was pretty sure I got it in right, because it felt like it was around my cervix and there was a seal, and it never leaked. But all of the stuff I've read says that id it's in correctly, I shouldn't be able to feel it at all. Is that true? Because I can definitely feel it, and it doesn't feel that great. When I'm sitting it's mostly ok, but when I stand up, it comes down a little and the ribbed stem keeps rubbing the inside of....well, my vagina, I guess, but way low down, so it's more like the inside if my labia. And it's sort of chafing me. So does that mean that I don't have it in right? Or is it just me? Should I trim the stem (it already looks pretty short)? Also, I heard that just because you're allergic to latex, doesn't necessarily mean you can't use the Keeper, because it's not strictly latex, like, say, condoms or gloves. Is this true? Because the Keeper looks like it's maybe more comfortable.

Please excuse any typos,I was NAK. And also please excuse the fact that I actually asked several questions.

Thank you.

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badass trex

diva cup vs pads

Hey everyone!
This is my issue, or rather, my mother's issue:

I got a Diva cup about 6ish months ago, and I absolutely LOVE it! I can't imagine going with someone else.
My mother is 50 years old and going through some kind of menopause. She (in her words) "gushes" blood (This I didn't quite believe until I saw some drip on the floor once when we were standing in church.. ouch!). This bleeding lasts for weeks at a time, excessively heavy. I keep telling her to get a Diva cup, and am thinking of buying her one. She is reluctant to try it because she says she will "have to empty it every half hour". I don't think this is true, because I am sure the size 2 diva cup holds 2 ounces..

So I am wondering, how can I convince her to go the Diva cup way? I am sure it will be more convenient for her.

Does anyone know how much a Diva cup can hold in comparison to a heavy duty maxi-pad? I was thinking of some kind of experiment I could devise to test it, but.. I don't know how well that would work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!! (haha, then I won't have to listen to her complain about gushing blood anymore ^-^)