July 7th, 2005


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All of my menstrual dreams are coming true... cups do exist and are effective. I was searching for positive communities about periods, but all I could find were complaints and resentment towards them. I'm a big fan of the flow. This might be due to my total lack of bleeding for 11 months before I was finally diagnosed with PCOS. I have used tampons, but they're just not very appealing to me. All that advertizing they do about "not feeling a thing!" is crap. I use pads now, mostly so that I can monitor the happenings down there.

I'm really intrigued by the idea of cups and am excited to try it all out. This has probably been asked before, but I didn't find it in the memories, so sorry if I'm being repetitive and annoying. Which brand should I go with as a first time user (and a virgin)? I know there are differences in the materials used and cleaning methods and prices, but I don't know what would be easiest to start with. Is there one in particular that you'd recommend or is this all individual preference? I'm in the US - does that limit my options with shipping?
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