July 6th, 2005

spock with the whaley-poos

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Okay.  So I've had my Keeper for over a year now but rarely use it.  And why is this?  Becuase I cannot take the thing out.
I can get it in and I can wander around for hours and hours and I'm fine.  I can't even feel it.
But when it comes time to take it out, I simply cannot do it.  It hurts SO BAD.  I know that I'm breaking the suction because I hook my finger around the top. I think I'm just too small for it to come out comfortably.   Sort of.  You'd think that if I can get like, two fingers up there to pull it out and hook one around the top that I'd be okay...
Any advice?  Can I like... fold it while it's in me without spilling blood everywhere?
Or any other advice?

ETA: You guys are the greatest. I'll practice and hopefully get the hang of this. Mwah*