July 3rd, 2005

painful jab

I am a new user of the DivaCup. I am very frustrated with it because, when inserted, the stem painfully jabs me in the right side of the opening of my vagina. I have tried inserting and adjusting several times, and I trimmed the stem to the minimum (the instructions say “no shorter than 1/4 inch”). It always settles into the same position.

I believe this is happening because, as the nurse told me at my first cervical exam, my vagina is tilted a bit to the left. (this is supposedly common.) Also, the diva cup will go no higher than the very low, painful position that I can get it into. I am worried that my vagina is abnormally short (the DC pamphlet says “your vagina is only 4 to 6 inches long.” I checked myself out and could only go 2” at best. This was upsetting and I am wondering if the shortness and leftness are making it really difficult (or impossible) to use the cup. Has anyone else had these problems?

Perhaps I could cut the stem completely off? Is it really vital? Is at least 1/4in really needed? How about other products; are they all about the same size or are their other, shorter, brands?

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hello, i've just tried out my new mooncup and it the most amazing thing i have ever bought! at the moment i'm not having any problems with positioning, although i haven't used it while on my period yet, hopefully it will still be okay.

the only slight problem is that it is quite difficult to take out. not too difficult (i managed after a minute or so). the stem length on mine is totally fine so i haven't bothered to alter that, but i just wondered if there was a special method of taking it out properly. my fingers tend to slip as i pull on the stem. i'm also a little scared that when i use it and i'm on my period that i will take it out and the blood will spill everywhere - does that happen? i'm guessing it just takes experience and will get easier after time :)

moldy Keeper--- Help!

So, it's summertime. Hot, humid. Yep.
And things in the apartment are molding at alarming rates: bread, leftovers, and you guessed it... my Keeper.

I went to get it out of the little glass jar in which I keep it between uses, and ... yeah. No way I'm putting that *anywhere*. I'm suffering a huge case of "ewww" and "wtf?". It's soaking in a lot of white vinegar mixed with some hot water... but is there anything I can do to make my dear Keeper usable again?

::hugs:: to my roommate for having extra sea sponge about.
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