June 28th, 2005

Am I a Freak, or What?

Girls are always saying, "oh... la la la, I don't have to worry about my diva cup for 12 hours".
Me? I've emptied 7 full Diva's today in about a 20 hour span. If I keep going, I think I'll get 8 by the morning.

Anyhow, does anyone know how much fluid a Diva Cup holds opposed to a tampon? I was going to try and absorb the last full Diva that I had, but I ended up dropping it on the bathroom floor. (Thank God I was at home and thank God for mops!)
I'm just trying to figure out how many tampons I would have gone through if I hadn't had my Diva! =D
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Swimming Part 2

I posted a few days ago about my Mooncup taking on a little water when I swim. I emailed Mooncup about this and some of you asked if I'd post the reply, so here it is:

Thank you for your enquiry.
You should not be taking water into your Mooncup whilst swimming, although I have had this reported before. Try checking that your Mooncup is positioned as low down as possible, open properly and that it has formed effective seal before swimming with it in place again. Sometimes its just a case of taking extra care.

Perhaps all that moving about affects the seal? I don't have any problems with it otherwise.
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Tampons vs. Menstrual Cups

About Women's Health gives the average absorbancy in grams for the different kinds of tampons.

The Divacup can hold up to an ounce of fluid, right?

Based on that, here are the stats.  I decided that to be more than fair to the tampon industry I would round up (e.g. when it says 9 to 12 grams for x absorbancy, I defaulted to the 12 grams, so this is actually a lot more optimistic than realistic).

Junior:  0.21 ounces
Regular:  0.31 ounces
Super:  0.42 ounces
Super Plus:  0.52 ounces

So, there you have it.  At the very most, the highest absorbancy tampon will hold approximately half of what the Divacup can hold.  I don't know about you, but tampons usually "slipped down" or the string got caught with urine or whatever long before it absorbed its full capacity. Also, tampons act as if they are "full" because only the side directly facing my cervix would get blood on it, and the rest of it would be pure white and useless to me. Not to mention there aren't any risks of TSS with menstrual cups.

EDIT: I'm confused. The Divacup website says it can hold up to one ounce, but the actual cup's measurement lines only go up to 1/2 an ounce. Maybe that bit at the top evens out to a full ounce?