June 19th, 2005



I found out that menstrual cups exist about 3 days ago, and this is definetly going to be the last month with tampons. I'm leaning towards a buying Divacup, mostly since it's hypoallergenic, also because I like the look of it more.

But (this may be a dumb question) how is Diva pronouned?

Is it Dee-vah, as in Celine Dion-type robots?
Di-vah, as in Princess DI, or DIVE with an "a" sound on the end?
Something else entirely?

Also, if you buy the Diva cup off of Ebay, you can save a few bucks on shipping. Don't worry - it's not going to come to you orange-tinted with half a stem - these people are actual retailers, from what I gather.
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Communal bathrooms

As a soon-to-be college student living on campus and Divacup user, I'm a little worried about how using the Divacup in a communal bathroom will work for me. I'm worried because the toilets are in stalls, and the sinks.. are not--the only place I'll be able to rinse out the Divacup is in the shower, and I don't plan on taking too many showers every day.. To complicate things, the bathroom and showers will also be co-ed.

Does anyone have input, advice, experiences to share?