June 16th, 2005



So I wake up this morning, way to early BTW, have to pee. So I decided to check my Diva. This is my 3rd cycle with it, and my first since starting birth control (yay NuvaRing). After taking it out, I washed it, like normal, and decided to try a different insertion method. I've been using the 7 fold and wanted to see if the ones given by the company (that double c thing) worked better now that I'm used to it. Well, I got it in, but was having trouble getting it to pop open, so I decided to pull it out and just stick with the familar. I droped the darn thing in the toilet. =( I took a deep breath, told myself a couple times that urine is steral. Looked for it, couldn't see it, spotted it at the very bottom of the toilet, told myself about urine one more time and went for it. I just got done boiling it. =) Not a fun way to wake up on my day off. =( But... I guess it happens to the best of us. I'm just glad it happened at home, and not at work.

the diva cup vs tiger balm

Here's an interesting development. Started my period this morning, got my Diva out of the medicine cabinet and washed it with rubbing alcohol as is my usual method of cleaning it.

However, the alcohol did not make it squeaky-clean as it usually does. Usually I can rub my finger across the freshly washed surface and my finger jerks while rubbing and makes little sounds in contact with the silicon. Today, it glided smoothly and silently.

A couple more rinses did not change facts.

I smelled the Diva.

It smelled like Tiger Balm.

I looked in my medicine cabinet. Diva's "discreet pouch" had been sitting on top of my (firmly closed!) tub of Tiger Balm.

The Diva still has that not-quite-oily feel to it, but I popped it in anyway after flexing it around to make sure it wasn't brittle or anything like that. No burning or other unpleasant reactions yet! But who knew that Tiger Balm would bond to silicon?

what happened?

i've just received the divacup a few days ago... and for practice and all, i inserted it without being on my menstrual period. anyway, I pushed it in, left inside for a couple minutes and pulled it out. the next day i inserted it again and left in for maybe 10 minutes. i managed to pull it out and to my surprise, inside was a little pool of a light red colored liquid...I think it may have been watered down blood but not menstrual fluid. since then, which has been about 2 days now, ive been very lightly spotting. i know that it is not my period, or at least i think i know. It shouldn’t come for another 2 weeks.
so what could it be? my vaginal knowledge is EXTREMELY low. so ive no idea whether or not its the hymen or if it is an injury. i actually have no idea where the hymen is supposed to be located. i do know that when the cup was inside it sat very low and i felt allot of pressure. so could the cup have broken it? it doesnt make much sense though, because I have inserted other objects up in there and never bled...but the cup has been the largest, could this have broken the hymen? It hurt allot going in and out. hmmmm.

both times in attempted to insert it it popped open right when it entered. could this have caused an injury to the canal?
or can i be just be going through a pseudo period? did i use the correct terminology? i have been pretty 'excited' about the cup and MAYBE i was just so excited that my body has created a little fake period..is that possible? i dont know. im terribly sorry if im not making much sense. i guess what im trying to ask is, should this 'bleeding' be something i should worry about? currently, it is a bit of a concern. maybe i shouldn’t use the cup. but maybe this concern is useless and the cause of this 'blood' is very small in significance. my goodness... it IS small right?

with much thanks,