June 10th, 2005


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I have tried every folding method known to me. The instructed one. The 7. The hot water. The cold water. The getting it in and jumping up and down. The getting it in and then wandering around hoping it will pop on its own.

It refuses to pop.

This is the third cycle I have tried, and failed, to get my Diva Cup to "pop" so it won't leak all over the place.

What a frustrating waste of $40.
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Silicone Allegies

Hi all--

Looked and didn't see this in the memories.

I have a friend and she's severely allergic to silicone but she's interested in menstrual cups. She's looked into The Keeper, Mooncup and DivaCup (obviously DC is out), and she's wondering if because of her allergy she would be limited to just the Keeper? What about Insteads, do they - that any of you know - have silicone in them?

Thanks in advance for any help.

PS: Is the NuvaRing silicone? She's interested in that too.

question for all

Hey everyone I have a question. Ive been using the Divacup for about 2 menstrual cycles and it seems I may have had some problems with insertion/removal this time around. I read all of the previous post and memories I didnt find this on here so here it goes. When my cycle was finishing up I took my diva cup out for the last time cleaned it and all that stuff and put a pantyliner on just in case. I started noticing some itching and after about a day or so I was getting curious about what could be causing it. I checked and to my dismay I had dead skin in there.. and a significant amount too. I took it all out and noticed that a part of my vagina felt like it had the top layer of skin rubbed off. It never hurt so if it werent for the itching I wouldnt have known. Maybe I was being too carless or rough? This kind of freaked me out so Im definately purchasing some KY for next time but I was curious to know if anyone had any similar experiences?