June 5th, 2005


Aches and Pains

(I looked in the memories but thought there wasnt much that covered my question)

Im a newbie to the Diva. Well Ive had it forever and only use it sporadically because of the kind of time it took me to insert and pain to take out.

Buuut, I think I mightve finally mastered it so Ive been using it solely for this cycle. So today is the third day, but on day 2, I kinda forgot to take it out at night. I put it in at maybe 8:30 pm and took it out the next morning at 10 am. Silly thing to do, yes (!), and there was obviously some minor leakage as i was running to the bathroom in the morning!

So my question is: When I took it out, i actually didnt feel like my uterus was being pulled out ( so the suction was probably correct) but I got this aching sort of pain in my lower belly! Soon after, I oculdnt really stand, skipped showering and NEEDED to hit the bed! So now Ive been in bed for 6 hours, with a terrible body ache, not able to move, feeling like I had a little bit of a fever.

At 4 pm, it seems to have passed,I can get up and am contemplating eating something but im wondering: was the whole thing because i fucked up with the cup? the achey feeling couldve been if I hit something while takingit out (and is almost gone now), but the body ache was like I was coming down with the flu!!!

I do get hot flashes on my period (Im only 22 though) and sometimes feel week in my legs, need to sit down immediately, but I cant help but wonder if this incident was cup related?

Could the 12+ hour old blood sitting in my uterus, flowing back nd forth while i slept, have something to do with it?

TIA guys!