June 1st, 2005

  • valkin

cups on the go

I now have my diva cup and was able to use it for the last three days of my period (I got my period on my vacation and the cup arrived while I was gone). So far, so good and ha, I'm so excited about it! All of your advice has really, really helped and insertion and removal has been smooth.

I log my periods, but my cycle isn't predictable, it arrives early or a few days late, but never on time or in a predictable timeframe. Now I'm wondering how to handle this with the cup when I'm not home. I used to use ob tampons which are so tiny and I always kept some in my bag. Do you carry your cup with you in your bag when you're expecting your period? Any of you have more than one that you keep in your bag or at work, in your locker at school, etc?