May 31st, 2005


Followup from GladRags (sincere apologies if no one else cares):

Hi, Sonja-

Thanks for writing. You pose a very interesting question, and I¹m sorry
that it¹s been so difficult for you to receive information on it. I can
foresee that it will take me some time to investigate whether The Keeper¹s
manufacturer cures the latex with casein, but please know that I will keep
you posted as to what I find out. Also, I will be out of town for the next
week so won¹t be able to begin researching this until next week, so my
answer will be a bit delayed because of that, as well.

To address one thing you mention: GladRags hasn¹t purchased The Keeper; we
are continuing to be it¹s main distributor, as we have for the past several
years. With that said, we don¹t have anything to do with its manufacturing,
so I¹ll be contacting the woman who owns The Keeper to see what information
she can give us (though she can also take a while to get back to us, so
perhaps she is who you contacted before and didn¹t have a very positive
correspondence with).

Thanks again for your question, and I will do my best to look into this
question when I return next week.
*person's name* <-I'm apparently crazy respectful of privacy.