May 30th, 2005

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Diva Convulsing?

Hello Everyone,
I have a question... It's my second period with the Diva and everything's great except for 2 things. The first (which isn't too bad...) is that sometimes when I'm sitting or standing or really doing anything anytime after it's been put in, I get this real quick burst of pain "down there" that I know has something to do with the Diva (it's not the pain of a cramp). It's quick, really short (like 1 second), and usually followed by another right after and then goes away for the rest of the time I have it in. It only happens sometimes, not every time I have it in though. Anyone experience this? Or know what it is? One of my theory's is that it's just shifting, but I don't know why it would hurt so much if it was just that... I don't feel the Diva at all any other time.

Secondly, I mastered the "removal without pain" but I can't figure out how to master "removal without spilling." Anyone have some tips? I kinda fold it back up into the "C" shape and take it out, I guess it's at a slight angle, but it ALWAYS spills and I get blood on my fingers and stuff... I don't mind it, but it'd be nice to know how to keep that from happening, especially if I was in a public bathroom!



Well, ladies. Camping and diva cup seems like a cool idea, right? And if you're prepared for it, I'm sure it can be a wonderful experience. However I was on the kind of camping trip where all you do is drink and think about the party infront of you. There were bathrooms and to empty the cup I would have preferred to go there, if I had found them and known the geography while sober... but, I didn't. It wasn't a need when we first arrived and were setting up before darkness fell.

It was my second heaviest day which means I can go about 6-8 hours between dumpings, and my fourth or fifth month with the cup, so I'm pretty aware of when it needs to be changed either by feeling it or by knowing how much time had passed. I ended up leaving it too long and as I was ready to pass out I felt the urgent wetness that can only mean the cup is overflowing. It was dark, I was beyond drunk, I went to "my spot", squatted, removed and dumped it, stuck it back in and noticed blood all over my hands. It was a rainy day and the trees were wet (I had lost my toilet paper) so I got water from the leaves and got myself pretty clean, which surprised me.
In the morning, guess what I found? I had dumped the contents of the diva cup onto my pants! Oh yeah, I fell forward when I was squatting there....

So, ladies... don't be like me. Prepare and think ahead. A water bottle would be a good idea for clean-up, don't lose your toilet paper (I'm imagining a tub stopper chain around the neck), and make sure your cup is sufficiently empty to last you through the pass-out stage before you're too drunk to do it properly and neatly. Or... atleast bring and use backup if you think you can't handle it.

Learn from my mistakes. Please drink and menstruate responsibly.
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This is kind of a weird question I guess, but here it is.

If I had sex in a place where cleaning up immediately is not possible or avaliable, where he cums inside me without a condom (in case anyone is asking why - just to make sure, we're monogous, we've both std-free - been tested and everything, and I will be on the pill), and since the next few minutes the cum is pretty much be dripping out of me, instead of staining/wetting my underwear and my pants, would it be possible for me to put a menstrual cup (I use a divacup, and I also have the Instead softcups) inside me to catch the cum, even though I'm not on a period? That way I wouldn't be like all drippy and stuff afterwards if we need to get dressed and there's not place to clean up.