May 28th, 2005


cup popping

I have been curious about the whole popping open thing. Is it the material or personal anatomy that makes some cups pop open more easily? I wonder if it's anatomy after reading the last entry by vegansonja, because I have a keeper and it always pops open, sometimes quite forcibly. I don't think I could keep it folded inside of me if I tried!

Any theories on what makes the cup pop open more or less easily?

Question about where the Cup sits.

I've searched through memories and haven't seen anything to really answer the following question.

I've read several comments people have made saying that the cup (Diva or Moon) shouldn't be sitting high in the vagina. Why is this? I understand that if it is too high, it would bypass the cervix completely, thus, not work, but what if you had it places so that it wasn't low, but still below the cervix.

I'm just trying to figure out why people keep saying not to have in in high?