May 27th, 2005


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quick question...

my friend got me a diva cup for my bday. last night and this morning i tried to put it in. i can get it in and it opens up ok, i just can't seem to get it in high enough. i can tell it's in right because when i pull it back out it's filling up. but i sticks out really far and hurts.

any suggestions on how to get it up higher? someone mentioned lube?

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Hi, I'm new here. I just a Diva Cup, and LOVE it. However, I have one question ... contrary to what their website says, menstrual blood and fluid DOES have an odor -- regardless of whether or not it has "oxidized" outside the body. When I empty the cup, the fluid collected in it definitely smells, though there is no noticible external odor when I'm wearing it. Feels like I don't even have my period at all. I mean, it doesn't smell like death or anything, but it is still somewhat unpleasant.

I've noticed that the smell has managed to get into the silicone of the cup itself, rather quickly. I've washed the cup with hot water and antibacterial soap every time I've emptied it, plus boiled it to sterilize, but to no avail.

Anyone else have an idea of how to get the smell out? Can you even get the smell out??

Night Leakin'/The Keeper Bought By GladRags?

During a recent community pharmacy visit, I noted that GladRags and the Keeper are now sold in strikingly similar packaging. An employee then informed me that GladRags had, in fact, bought out the Keeper.
There seems to be a lot of Keeper-hate in these parts, not of the product itself so much as sketchiness and unhelpful oblivion displayed by the company's employees. I decided to write GladRags in an attempt to finally gain solid answers. I won't claim optimism, but I will keep you posted. :)

Second order of business:

I've been an enthusiastic and happy Keeper user for a while now... but I've a question. :) I only experience leaking at night. It's sort of hit and miss; I use a GladRag for backup during my first two nights, just to be sure. :) When I leak, I often leak quite a lot. My Keeper (model B) is extremely soft. I generally have to poke it a few times to get it to open up completely, and it sometimes seems part of my anatomy is in the way (which doesn't pose a problem during the day). I've felt a Diva Cup and noticed that it's a bit firmer than my four-year-old, model B Keeper. I've heard reports of Divas 'popping' open, which I've speculated might help at night. While I am content with my current situation, I must say I would prefer not bothering with the GladRag two nights/month. So... women of all cup affiliations, please tell me... do you leak at night? :D

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